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2 WeightLoc - Coffee Bean & Green Tea Extract

Weight Loc - Don't just lose the weight Lock it! - 2 oz Bottle (2-pack)
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What is Weightloc™?

WeightLoc™ is designed to burn fat, suppress your appetite and cravings as well as boost your energy! WeightLocTM contains a proprietary energy blend as well as proven ingredients such as Chromium, L-theanine, coffee bean extract, green tea extract, sucralose and stevia. This special formuation is specifically designed to not only enhance your dieting, but help you maintain your ideal weight once you have reached it.

WeightLocTM can also assist the body in regulating blood sugars. There are a number of studies that suggest chromium can assist in regulating blood sugar levels! It can also help in providing a better outlook and better mental clarity.

Who Should Use Weightloc?

WeightLocTM is the perfect aid for those who have reached their ideal weight and want some added help to keep those extra pounds off. WeightLocTM can also be used to help boost your current diet with added energy and appetite suppression as well as help in controlling your cravings.

You Made it Now Stay There!

Finally lost those extra lbs and want to stay there.....WeightLocTM can help!!

WeightLoc™ Benefits

Users report that WeightLoc™ has helped them in one or more of the following ways:

• Helped To Focus
• Kept The Weight Off
• Suppressed Appetite
• Suppressed Cravings
• Boosted Energy Levels

More Information

WeightLoc™ FAQ's

Q: How do I take WeightLoc™?

A: Shake well before using. Take 1 ml (30 drops, 1 dropper full) by mouth 1 hour before your two biggest meals.

Q: Can I use  WeightLoc™ if I am still dieting?

A: Yes, WeightLoc™ will help with your current diet regimen and increase your energy levels.  A lot of our HCG Ultra Diet Drop customers love adding WeightLoc™ to their daily protocol. 

Q: What are the incrediets of WeightLoc™?

A: Chromium, L-theanine, coffee bean extract, green tea extract, sucralose, stevia, 20% grain alcohol and a proprietary energy blend.

Q: What if I miss a meal shoiuld I still take WeightLoc™?

A: Yes, WeightLoc™ will still help you with appetite control and cravings to get you through the day or evening snack hours. 

Q: Why is there alcohol in the ingredients?

A: The alcohol acts as a preservative so the WeightLoc™ does not need to be refrigerated.  This allows you to take it with you to work or on trips without worrying about keeping it cool. 


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