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Turmeric Organic Cucumin Liquid Drops - Premium Absorption With Bioperine Pepper

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What Makes ARETE Different? Turmeric Curcumin Drops with 95% Standardized Curcuminoids (Highest Potency) with Bioperine (black pepper fruit extract) offers the best absorption and bioavailability of Turmeric on the market by combining its' liquid concentrated Organic Turmeric with Bioperine, which has been clinically proven to increase the absorption of nutrients in nutritional supplements. ABSORPTION is the key! Liposomes | Natures Secret Nutrient Delivery System | Each Turmeric molecule is enveloped in it own Liposome, protecting it from stomach acid, enabling maximum absorption into the bloodstream. Organic/Kosher Glycerin | Unlocking ALL Tumeric's Nutrients | Glycerin is a simple, sweet-tasting liquid from plant oil. Our unique method is the safest and most effective way to remove byproducts leaving the vital nutrients in a super concentrated format. Absolute Purity | Quality You Can Trust | Made In The USA in an FDA and GMP certified facility.100% Pure Organic Turmeric, GMO Free, Wheat and Dairy Free, Heavy Metals Free and Prop 65 Compliant for Heavy Metals, no fillers, no additives. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: When you buy ARETE, you are getting the highest quality product available.
  • Liquid Drops For Maximum Absorption
  • Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract Best Bioavilability Of Turmeric
  • Organic/Kosher Glycerin - All Natural
  • Fight Inflamation, Increases Antioxidents
  • Helps Improve Brain Function
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